Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 4th Outreach

It was a blessed time this July 4th at Rockets Over Rhema. Here are a few photos from our outreach event.

Our Youth Pastor, Brian Zinn, presents the Gospel to a group of kids.

Reactions are different when the Gospel is presented. Here is a look that is of conviction of sins. Brian is explaining God's Law and what God will do to those that die in their sins.

Steven is a "Tract Machine." Here he is giving out 1 of just thousands of Gospel Tracts given out on this day. You can see the tract we were using here.

This man sat by our booth most of the day and listened the Gospel over and over. Here he is reading the Gospel Tract.

Mike Miller presents the Gospel to a young man.

This is in contrast to the young woman above who was convicted of her sins. This man is prideful and boasting as his sins are explained.

Here is Sean preaching in the Open-Air to a crowd. Many sermons were preached on this day to crowds this size and bigger. Let me encourage every pastor reading this to consider taking the message outside the walls of your building.

Travis Yates, Ten-Four Ministries, preaches in the Open-Air.

Pastor Robert Haling speaks to a woman about the Gospel.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rockets over Rhema

Rockets over Rhema was a great time and opportunity to preach the gospel to 40,000+ people. There were approximately 6000 gospel tracks given out as well as 400 CDs containing sermons as well as other books and a number of Bibles.

There was some opposition from the staff at Rhema and we were not able to move far from the booth, however many came to the booth and the group was able to preach to many.

More details to follow...